LAKURA Chemical Company Research&Development experts working hand in hand with industry specialists have developed an extensive range of Food Hygiene Products. PROTEC innovative products, concepts and services perfectly meet the 21st century food processing industry demands. Over the years our products have secured leading position among food processing industry top professionals.

Join ranks of our satisfied customers!

No mater what segment of Food Industry you represent we have perfect and cost-effective solution to suit your business needs.

Core industries served by PROTEC:


Full range of cleaning products and disinfectants for Meat processing industry.


Foam cleaning products and disinfectants for Fish Industry.


Complete portfolio of CIP and disinfectants for Dairy processing factories.


Cleaning solutions for Beverage industry with unmatched results.


Best in Class cleaning and sanitizing products for Bakeries.


Cleaning, sanitation and disinfectant products for fruit&veg storage, processing and packaging.

Unique and cost-effective cleaning technologies and solutions are backed with:

Environmental safety

State of the Art Manufacturing Process

Lightning Logistics Solutions